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No Dental insurance, no problem! Our Practice is now offering a low-cost in-house dental plan for a nominal membership fee. Our plan includes preventive care and discounts on restorative work such as fillings, crowns and extractions.

2 Plans to choose from!

Preventative or Preventative + Restorative

Preventative Only Plan

Single: $275/yr.
Couple: $500/yr. OR $41.67/mo.
Family (4+): $950/yr. OR $79/mo.

Plan Includes:

*This plan does not provide discount for Periodontal, Restorative or Major work. This plan only covers preventative services.

*Monthly payment plans are automatic with a credit card on file. If payment is declined, services cannot be rendered until payment is made.

Preventative + Restorative Plan

Single: $150/year
Couple: $250 /yr
Family (4): $450/year

All Plans are a yearly membership PLUS a lower Out of Pocket Cost for each appointment.

Preventative Coverage

PLUS++ 20-25% Saving or more on restorative work such as deep cleanings, fillings, crowns, extractions, partials and dentures.

Crown UCR: $1,100 - Discount rate $825
Fillings UCR: $165-$204 - Discount rates $115-$250
Deep cleanings UCR $122/$85 per quad- Discount rate $97/$68 per quad- Fluoride is included!
Perio Maintenance UCR: $143 – Discount rate $75

Our Mission

Our goal at Comal Hills Dental at Spring Branch, Texas, is to help you achieve the highest level of dental well-being that will enhance your overall health now and for years to come. We will use the highest degree of compassion, understanding, gentleness, and respect.

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